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The Exhausted Mum Course  (ONLINE COURSE)

The Exhausted Mum Course (ONLINE COURSE)


This 4-week online postnatal support course is designed for mums with kids aged 0-5 years who are feeling burnt-out, depressed, overwhelmed or isolated.   


Informed by ideas from Compasion Focussed Therapy (CFT) this course will explore how the realities of parent life throw us into our threat system and drive system on a regular basis – and sometimes 'threat-based drive'…and how these systems, when unbalanced, can deplete our energy, interfere with our ability to rest and recover, and also undermine our natural ability to connect with others, be present with our kids and to be kind to ourselves.


This course will teach you how to:


  • get back in touch with our natural ability to connect wholeheartedly with your kids, with a quality of patience and presence rather than exhaustion and guilt;
  • manage your ‘threat mind’ by growing your ‘compassionate mind’ and stimulating our 'safeness/soothing system', leading to you feeling more grounded and clear-minded in the face of parenting challenges.
  • understand challenges from your past experiences of being parented and how to cope with your inner critic;
  • be kinder towards yourself and respect your own needs. 


With these skills we can practise showing up for ourselves and our kids in a different way - a more compassionate and authentic way that will help our own and our family’s metal health to thrive - and this course will teach you how!


The course takes place over 4 consecutive weeks and will require only around an hour per week of your time. The taught elements of the course will take place on Zoom, and you will also be sent weekly guided mindfulness & compassion meditations to have a go with between sessions. In addition, you will have access to professional support from a qualified Clinical Psychologist & mindfulness teacher for the duration of the course. 



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